We Art (video)

(EN) How does art entwine feelings and ownership? Material value and gut instinct? How can we put a price on creativity and how do we measure beauty? 

We Art it is a role-swap that looks at the world in which art lives, questioning the conditions for its creation, acceptance and influence in global society and cultures. This anarchic video installation stands as a discourse about what art is and where it starts. The word art itself, and the 120 unique handwritings, feeds this debate with as many questions and answers. We Art is a collective art project addressing the importance for art to be inclusive, and the need to remove barriers – both financial and educational - to its diffusion, understanding and appreciation.

 My thanks go to the 120 people that contributed to this project.

We Art is the result of a collaboration with  Jesus Canuto Iglesias . To him We Art owes most of its anarchic and chaotic personality.

Photos: Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam 2017 - The Kromhouthal

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