De Mannen en Vrouwen van Oud-West

Things have changed in the last five years in the Oud-West neighborhood, in Amsterdam. Houses' price has more than doubled, rentals tripled. Shops and workshops have been quickly R3PL4CEd by a monotonous series of restaurants and cocktail bars, all different, all the same and all moderately expensive.

Many artists, artisans and families already in Oud-West had to leave ateliers, laboratories and homes now too expensive to afford.

Within a few years the historic inhabitants of this neighborhood have been crushed by real estate speculation and an administration that seems more keen to capitalize on real-estates than on people.

But "Old West" resists and, in the midst of the inevitable mutation of things, with old and new inhabitants it organizes and defends itself.


From a collaboration with Bert Meister, photographer Mart Boudestein, and a representative of artist, artisans, men and women born, living or working in Oud-West, Amsterdam. 2017.

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